ImageBeatrice, is the founder of Young Media Foundation and Sema Radio. YOUNG MEDIA FOUNDATION, is a non-profit organization in Kenya whose main mission is to give young people the tools and skills to make their voices heard through Sema Radio.She is an Experienced and highly trained media practitioner and  has been honing her craft for the last 7 years. She has dealt with start up radio stations on a consultative basis. she talks to us about taking radio online.

Why did you choose the online platform to stream Sema radio?

The internet has become an important part of our lives in many ways. From online dating to e-commerce, people have discovered ways to do almost everything on the internet. This includes listening to the radio online.

There’s plenty of innovation in Africa – it just isn’t as widely reported as it should be. People in the West still see Africa as a struggling continent, and reports of new businesses and markets rising up are few and far between in Western media.

There’s a wealth of talent out here, especially in the tech sector. It’s very exciting to see the enterprising minds out there, pioneering African business and commerce. Exciting times are ahead for African entrepreneurs!

Why sema radio?

YOUNG MEDIA FOUNDATION, is a non-profit organization in Kenya whose main mission is to give young people the tools and skills to make their voices heard. There is great potential for technology and the internet to bring inspirational change in Africa, and that’s where Young Media Foundation comes in.  Young Media Foundation aims to play an effective role in the development of communications as a major instrument for continental building and a vital element in the socio-economic development process. We do this via sema radio.

Through Sema Radio, young people speak about their concerns and reach out to their peers and wider audiences about the issues they face. We use media to reduce poverty by giving training opportunities in different fields in media. PLUS, Sema Radio gives you the greatest African music memories, 24 seven, around Africa, non-stop!!!!!!

Have you faced any challenges with the use of the online platform? Which ones?

 Sema Radio hasn’t had to really conquer any challenges yet; I’d say it is more the case that we understand and solve the challenges.

What are the pros of using the online platform?

Availability- the Web is everywhere. Access to web-based stations is not limited by the range of the broadcaster’s transmitter as with traditional radio stations, as long as you have a computer or your smart phone, you can listen to your favorite music anytime.

Increased listening time – The average radio listener spends about 30 minutes or more listening to a car radio while commuting to and from. Your internet radio station is reaching people 24 hours a day around the world while they work, shop, chat, email or surf online.

Ability to create loyal listeners. Listeners from around the world can find the type of programming that they prefer, instead of settling for what’s available locally. Archived shows make it possible for listeners to play their favorite shows at their own convenience.

Do you think that the online platform has got to a stage that it competes with mainstream media?

Fundamental market changes are pushing radio stations towards an uncertain future and managers and owners need to begin developing strategic responses to developments in their industry.

 Can taking up the online platform in earnest lead to lower standards of production? Will we attain a world class media this way?

The broadcasting industry has experienced dramatic changes in the past decade. Finally, the digital technology is here and radio/TV stations can stream their broadcast on the Internet successfully. We need to go beyond the antenna!

What do you hope that people attending the BFMA will take away from the conference? I want people to understand that the internet radio audience is growing thanks to shifts in consumer listening behavior from terrestrial radio to streaming stations. Users are embracing internet radio on a growing range of devices, from PCs, smartphones and tablets to automobiles, connected home appliances and other gadgets. Internet radio is now a global phenomenon, and that’s why we have SEMA RADIO

for more on what Beatrice brings to the BFMA , check out:

Compiled By Christine Mwai

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